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Your guide to a-chi-ving you


ABOUT chi view

The essence of CHI VIEW is the ability to see, feel and understand the energy within and around us. We all innately have this ability, but may not be able to translate the forms that it comes in (i.e.: intuition, déjà vu, coincidence, luck, misfortune, and so on). 

When you block this energy in any way through fear (past, present, or future), negative life style choices, frustration etc., you ultimately become stuck in a place which does not align with your "True purpose"... it does not feel positive.

CHI VIEW aims to offer guidance which, then provides new insight and tools to support positive growth within your life.


Your Thoughts are Energy... Your Intuition is a Radar to help you navigate that Energy... You are surrounded by Perpetual Energy... You can See the Energy around you. I can show you a Snapshot image of that energy.

Explore Universal Views to obtain a Snapshot image of Energy and  Chi Chat "Just a Thought" blog posts to understand the connection between what we feel, experience and know.

Royal Alcazar of Seville


Sometimes all we need is a new view to clear a path forward


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