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When Grace first told me about her gift I was shocked and slighty dubious to be honest. But once I saw her lessons unfold and how easily she communicates with spirit I was amazed. My entire family has benefitted from her readings which she did totally free of charge and out of kindness. Grace has helped me through one of the hardest times of my life with her positive and gentle encouragement and insight. 

Grace easily connected with my spirit guide and the things she knew could only have come from a higher power. Things about my childhood and my inner world and character.

What is astounding is that Grace actually sees spirit and they manifest around her. I have seen pictures of my guides and my childrens. 

Incredible things have happened around Grace. I remember once a friend I had not seen in two years dropped by spontaneously unannounced and I told her about Grace's amazing gift. None of us contacted Grace but that night Grace texted me asking if I told this specific friend (she actually named her!) about her gift. As the friends' father had appeared to her that day. Unbelievably accurate. She has a special special gift.

Grace has on occasion called me to give me messages from my guide that are spot on too, like the time I was hassling my husband about something and Grace called to tell me my guide has told her to tell me to back off a bit. She just called out of the blue!

Grace helped my husband find hope when he was job hunting with extremely accurate insight into the situation that there is no way she could of know if not for her gift. In detail.

And my son, a teen, gained incredible closure after speaking to her. He went through a tough few years and Grace's reading helped him process that and he says she was very accurate with reading the situation, past, present and future.

Thank you Grace with all my heart for all your help and guidance, we love you!


The Pratt Family, United Kingdom

Thank you Grace for giving me closure: As far as I can remember I have been upset with my late Dad...even after his passing. I felt he was unfair...never loved me...always found fault with me...forcing me to do subjects I hated at school...even forcing me into becoming a teacher. I was 2nd year at college when he died of brain cancer. Whenever I thought about him I was always angry because I wanted a Dad who showed love to me. I am 50 now. As I grew older and having my own kids I somehow started to miss him. One day when I was at my lowest of lows..Dad connected with Grace. She called me and whatever she told me made sense. The word Dad came through to her was BENTLEY. I say to my kids everyday that before I pass on I will own a Bentley. Then after many weeks I went to visit Grace at home. We had tea and chatted about everything. As I was about to leave I just asked Grace about the day my dad appeared to her...not knowing that he was in our company all along. I told him how I felt all the years. He asked me for forgiveness and said I was always the apple of his eye. He said to me yhat I should see him as he is now...he is different from then. We sorted out our issues for abt 90 mins. I felt so complete after this experience. Now I think about Dad in a loving way and understand why he did certain things in a certain way. I love you Daddy!!! Thank you Grace. 

V.S., South Africa

I would have to say that I went into this meeting a little nervous and had no idea what to expect. Overall it was insightful, extremely interesting and I learnt things that I did not know about this practise and of course about myself.


At the start Grace begun explaining the energy that surrounds my existence and connections she had made with me, prior to the meeting. I was surprised that she was able to talk about my mother and her experiences in life so well. She not only mentioned family facts that were true but also things that I had to later check with my mother and proved to be accurate.


This lead to a deep conversation about myself and one of my past lives which certainly was of interest to me and not only resonated with feelings I was having but also, clarified the relationship between my sister and I, which suffers at times. I was able to help steer the conversation towards my partner which led to an overwhelming yet fascinating collection of events.


I learnt not be impatient and ask too many questions about the future since we are in charge of making decision and choosing our path in life. Additionally, I realised that Grace would talk and I would have to listen patiently even when explanations would seem not to make any sense. This is because everything would connect in the end.


Lastly, she was lovely; extremely insightful; passionate and professional. Highly recommend!

Andreea, United Kingdom

Throughout my life I have been really sensitive to the patterns consistently occurring in my life and would periodically experience feelings of foreboding before some events would actually occur.  Before speaking to Grace, I would attribute such phenomena as either coincidence or overthinking which would leave me confused and wondering as I would still feel like there was something up and it couldn't be mere chance.  But, with her guidance and explanation I have come to terms with these experiences and have stopped doubting what I feel is true, but have started to trust it, which has greatly helped me navigate my feelings and make better decisions.  As confirmation of her incredible resonance with energy/spirit, Grace mentioned that she was aware that I had seen, felt and heard things sometimes, which was amazing because I didn't tell her beforehand.

Being the truly gifted person that she is, Grace has also helped me in a very particular manner that which extends beyond just coming to terms with what I feel.  I have had difficulty dealing with people as I am sensitive to how they feel and their intentions, which hasn't always led to the most productive outcomes. But with her advice and direction I am able to better approach these situations which has made my day-to-day life much easier.  In addition, she accurately identified my usually black and white thinking to all matters, and with just a few sessions has opened me to a clearer and more balanced approach.  This has not only benefitted my social life, but also my professional life, which together with the energetic guidance has made me more of a complete person.

The greatest feat, and one I am most thankful for, is when Grace produced astonishingly accurately photos of what my mother saw in her dreams which was scaring her.  This was without prior disclosure of her dreams to begin with.  Even though the consultation was with me, she still helped my mother by explaining to her the nature of her issues, which are more than just mere dreams, and managed to assure her and give her some peace which no one has done in a very long time.  Perhaps the greatest example that confirms Grace is special is when both me and my mother reported feeling something touching our NECK and face when asleep one night.  Within moments and with detail, Grace managed to attribute the experience to my deceased uncle, who passed due to an injury to the neck, even describing his nature, none of which she was told of before.

As a final note I would like to say that there are very few people in the world who are as kind yet powerful as Grace, and that throughout my encounters with her I haven't detected a shred of negativity or dishonesty in her.  Rather, she is incredibly uplifting and calming with her words and abilities, and that her great accuracy and ability to connect with people is a testament to her work.

For Grace with grace, thank you.

M.Z, United Kingdom

Grace Johnson has helped me grow in times where a human would usually be at a stand still in progression because taking a leap with no acquired courage is not a recipe for success. By connecting me to energy and assuring my ventures, I have gained insight on how to maneuver the obstacles life has thrown my way and through several sessions, have received many successful step-by-step instructions from how to manage stress in a systematic environment, to clearing my perception of obligations vs passion.

Grace can communicate to energies which thankfully send messages of encouragement along with valuable advice. In one scenario, I sought clarity in understanding something personal which had always left me in confusion. The energy came through in a way which demonstrated the meaning to me by making me immensely feel the reason rather than just explaining what would've been a generic explanation. I could tell this was legitimate because Grace had no idea of the context. There was no judgement despite my tears of awe during the session so I felt incredibly safe and rewarded with the gift I had been given - I still book frequent sessions with Grace as a source of inspiration and vivid guidance. 

If you're going through a stage in your life where you are finding no answers alone or wish to connect with positive sources of energy - which may be familiar to you - then I highly recommend booking a session on Chi View with Grace. I assure you, it won't just be one session after you experience the beauty!


Diana, United Kingdom

I went through a period of where I felt completely disconnected from everything. I acquired help from medical/psychological specialists who were unable to provide a sufficient solution.  After about 3 years of attempting countless medications, therapeutic sessions and techniques, and endless research, I was still unable to connect to anything I was experiencing.  The most frustrating aspect of the entire experience was that, all though I was disconnected from feeling, and received several diagnoses of depression; I knew I was never truly depressed… I was just missing something. Grace was able to provide me with complete unbiased insight of the energy within and around myself. This allowed me to truly understand myself on multiple levels and how depersonalization played a role within all of this. The insight I was provided with allowed me to become the person I always knew I was. This, in turn, helped me release from what once controlled my entire life. With Grace’s ability to communicate and translate energy, I was able to realign with the truth that is me. For that, I will forever be grateful.


F.Y.E., Italy

My family and I had an extremely fulfilling experience with Grace. At the time, my family was dealing with several unresolved conflicts that prevented us from moving on with our lives. The exhaustive nature of the problems began to take a toll on my family. It was during this difficult time that Grace brought hope and positive energy into our lives. She gave us a newfound strength to tackle our problems. Her kindness and compassion made it very comforting to share our stories with her. With her help, our family was able to resolve the conflicts that had been troubling us for years. I would highly recommend Grace to anyone that is looking for proper guidance by using positive energies to relieve tangled issues. She truly is miraculous, as her work brought our family closer together than ever before.

J.F., New York

I would like to start off by saying, I was not believer in “energy healing,” or the practice associated with it, but after my 30-minute session with Grace, I have seen a significant change in my physical condition, the next day. Prior to my session my hand was swollen and aching from my Rheumatoid Arthritis condition.


I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 8 years and recently my hands had become extremely painful and inflamed.  I have been on daily medication for years to stabilize my symptoms, but once in a while, I get a flare up in certain joints, this recent flare up has been going on for a few weeks with no relief from increased medication.


It took a while to get a session with Grace, but I finally had an appointment a few days ago. It was very relaxing, and she made me feel comfortable. Grace told me that the swelling in my wrist originated, more in my arm and neck which limited blood flow to my wrist.  I could not feel anything while she was healing me, but the next day, the wrist pain and swelling was down around 70%. In addition, the grogginess I had felt for weeks, prior to her session was gone.


I really had no expectation of this helping with my pain, but it really did make a difference. I will definitely get monthly sessions in the future.


Joseph. A,  New York

I have known Grace for years especially through the fact that I am also in the energy field but I have never met someone with the incredible abilities that she does.

Grace was able to help me with an issue in my own life. It was a trauma that I knew existed but didn't remember anything about it. All I knew was I had such a lack of memory about my past that it had to be from something I repressed. I wanted to remember this trauma so that I could hopefully move on and eventually get my memory back. Grace was able to bring through a past relative that was able to shine some light on the situation. The info that was told to me made so much sense even though it seemed I wasn't supposed to be told the full story of what happened. I was given enough information to understand in a way that I could let go . If it wasn't for Grace I would have never been able to have guidance from her and the past relative to get the closure I needed.


Grace is a genuine, intuitive and compassionate person who has beautiful gifts that continue to help people get their lives back. Thank you so much Grace!

Dawn, New York

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