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We are all mediums at heart. Think of all the times you felt something that no one else felt or could explain – this is merely your intuition kicking in. 

You are called a medium when you stop to listen and respond to this intuition. The process of mediumship can be seen in everyday life. To use an example, most of us simply prepare food to nourish ourselves however, if you decide to prepare food for others, you will become more aware of all the smells, tastes and dimensions related to food. Once the skill is used to fulfill and inspire others, you are then called a Chef. You are still the same person, just honed into the way food effects our lives. Mediumship is that simple.

I have been honed into intuition in all areas of my life: as a university student studying psychology and communications, as a mother of four beautiful children, as a corporate executive, an entrepreneur and most importantly, as a human being. 

I feel, communicate, and manifest light energy in forms of healing messages which serve to guide and motivate the individuals who seek insight.

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